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Welcome to our range of original African Elephant Backpacks.

July 2022. 

We are in the process of altering and adding to the website, so the buy buttons are temporarily ( and we know unhelpfully) disabled. Please do email, with any buying enquiries. We would love to hear from you. Sorry for being so annoying....just for a short while. Thanks !

All of our elephants carry their own story from Africa. Each is handmade from fabrics woven in South Africa.
We hope that each one will go on amazing adventures, carry treasures and be a trusty companion for years (with just a few trips to the washing machine.)
We hope our photos show what we mean, but please contact us with any questions.

Yho!Yho! works in close partnership with all its suppliers and is a member of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers).