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Can your backpacks be washed in a washing machine ?

Yes, definitely at 30 degree cycle. They are colour fast and the stuffing in legs and face is also washable. We don't recommend tumble drying. Because they are made from a linen mix fabric, your elephant can look a bit crumpled after a wash, but this is remedied by a cool iron. Whilst it doesnt feel right to iron an elephant, it does work !

What age of child are they for ?

This can be a matter of personal opinion, but it can also depend on what the bag is used for. Posibilities are: Day bag for Nursery /shoe bag/ Playdate /Sleepover bag/ Pyjama case / Bag for Adventures/Travel bag for flights and car journeys. As elephants they can multi-task and be a travel, play and sleepover companion whilst carrying essential treasures. Rough guide in age : Newborn gift - 8 years.

What is your returns policy ?

If you change your mind after purchase, or you don't like the bag when it arrives (hard to imagine, but we realise things change), then we are very happy to accept returns for a full refund, or exchange up to 14 days after purchase, as long as the elephant is in its original packaging, unused, and in a condition to allow resale. These returns criteria allow us to protect the livelihoods of our South African sewing teams.

How quickly can you deliver and what does it cost ?

As long as the backpack colour of your choice is in stock, we aim to dispatch the same day. Delivery times are less reliable at the moment ( June 2020) but should be within 5 working days. Delivery is reduced to £1 until 30th June 2020. Our usual delivery charge is £3.95.

Do you do gift wrapping so that delivery can be  direct to the recipient ?

Definitely ! All elephants are delivered in a sturdy recycled card box. For a small extra charge ( £2.95 ) we will wrap your boxed elephant in lovely recycled paper, with a tie ribbon, and if desired enclose a gift card with your message. The order information will be sent to you, not the recipient. Usual post charges will apply unless we are running a  postage offer.

Please note: it has been difficult to obtain our usual recycled wrapping paper, so at present (June 2020) we are having to use standard paper. This will change soon.

How can I be sure  that this really is an ethical product ?

Yho!Yho! adheres to all the 10 criteria of A Fair Trade company, and is a member of the British Association of Fair Trade shops and Suppliers (BAFTS). BAFTS review our policies and operation annually.

Unlike many companies, we have  a very short supply chain.

The fabric for our elephants is woven in South Africa on local mills, with cotton grown in South Africa and then sent to our sewing team in the Western Cape. The stuffing used is also made in South Africa, from recycled drinks bottles. This is accepted in the UK as passing all fire regulations. So our elephants make a contribution to maintaining jobs within South Africa and are truly African in origin.

A part of our Fair Trade commitment, we undertake to pay an above average wage to our sewing team members, partially in advance of orders being delivered. This is reviewed annually.

In the UK, we use recycled boxes for delivering our elephants (which are great for re-using and storage), and quality recycled paper and tape for wrapping our parcels.

We know there is always more to be done, and are constantly looking at this.

If you have any specific questions regarding the ethics of our products, please do  get in touch at

What about VAT ?

All our prices shown are inclusive of VAT.